just some thinking

we continually get lost in what we don’t have,
what we hope to stand for,
what we wish would take place.
we continually reminisce about the past,
what has been broken,
what no longer exists like it once did before.
but when do we recognize what has been redeemed?
when do we dwell in passion or a new discovered insight?
how many times do we ever come upon an unknown ardor, or a new perception?
how is the sentiment revealed in our lives?
all it takes is an open mind to find worth, accept what has been lost,
but more than that find what has been gained.
appreciate the hope that has been shown,
i hope that you will come along.
cold snow cannot limit my mind, empty dreams cannot restrain the time,
because time seems to be moving when i’d like it to stand still,
and time likes to slow when i wish it would race,
we can let go of our yearnings that lead to nothing more than despair,
and accept what is happening now,
that’s what i will choose to do until i figure out some other way how.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    i want you to read that to me.


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