my mind like a tree

finally have room to breathe, time to think
but i still feel out of breath, anxious and lacking rest.
it’s so hard to keep in mind the rest of the world,
i quickly get lost in my own thoughts.
what i see, all that i hear, i’m bound to go insane with this endless train
of thoughts.
thoughts, thoughts, mindful thinking and
i know i’ve never been fully composed,
but why is it so hard to write these words that are sinking inside of me?
i will stay afloat, and with another year gone i’m looking upon such sadness,
that never left and never came, this feeling that had no beginning and only in
my dreams has an end.
i’m going to take my tears and put them away,
i’m going to take my failures and hide them from contemplation,
and all i can do is trust.
i’m going to exchange the last of it for every bit of joy i can get.
and this selfishness, what am i going to do with this?
and this selfishness won’t weigh me down,
compassion will set me free.
thoughts, thoughts, and love and sitting in the car with the engine off,
and no one else but me and my thoughts.
the sky is impossible to identify,
it has got to be on my side, and the trees contrast with the endless color.
saying goodbye to last year, hello to another.

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