to get out

inspired by these sounds i am breathless,

caught off guard by this tone i am shaken

these images are tempting and i no longer want to leave this room until i can get these thoughts

down on paper

and i want to speak words out loud with a certain flow because i am so

taunted by the silence that surrounds me and this small noise that echoes is not enough

i want to be drenched in noise and images and words and pages

i want to be covered and indented by rhythm and gazes

i want to submit myself to dedication to essence to

barricade my soul from this numb world

i want to feel every feeling and touch every surface with the edges of my fingers i want

to play the records until i can sing the songs

and overwhelmed, overwhelmed i have become.

say these words fast in your head, recite these sounds quick underneath your brittle skin, and for one second understand what it is like in my head,

my heart moves like my mouth and curves inward with the shapes i form with my lips,

i can say O, i can say E, i’m only challenged when it comes to spitting out the irritation of my passions through gritted teeth.

so if you are so eager to fall into creation and release these building tensions onto blank paper then go, and forget about all the rest,

then speak and play with the mess.

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