mornings and evenings

everything becomes darker in the night, and stranger in the morning.

it’s like i am running and there is nothing and no one chasing me,

i’ve never felt fear that felt so much like an ache.

i don’t know the boundaries of my apologies yet, don’t know how this situation will turn out, whether or not i will be given grace or coal.

and there’s worse things than this, but it’s all coming down to a thread and like a man walking on a tight rope my hope is slim and unsteady.

insomnia has never haunted me hours before sunrise like this, i’ve never been judged as condemning as this.

my word will not be taken as truth anymore, and i’m not sure how many more nights i can deal with, how many more mornings i can handle, waking up to this unsettled misery and dreary day dreams.

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