this ultimate conclusion that i am far from perfect,
that i make mistakes..
that the largest disappointment one can feel is in themselves.
but this is the worst it has ever been, because it’s not only my heart this time.
this realization that i have lost myself and my value,
my determination was driven by you, but now you’ve driven far from me,
and the security has left so quickly.
the impending doom that has been diagnosed from the beginning of it all,
loss is a ritual in the house that holds my soul.
and they’ll all say “you should’ve stayed away,”
they’ll all believe differently than this reality.
the silence on the other end is worse than the sound that echoes off of my bedroom walls,
the grasp of my feet being held by the floor beneath me is louder than the hope i have while i walk in these halls.
there’s nothing left for me to voice,
except for this hollow heart i hold.


  1. Arindam says:

    This one is simply awesome. Beautifully written.


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