you are slime,

slipping and seeping through the cracks of unopened doors,

you’re unwelcome and poor

in character, in spirit, and morals.

you are filth- resisting the urge to let go of your dirt and crumble-

you’re packed so tightly together, show off this momentum you’ve got going and going and going,

but one day, you will stop- your identity will be revealed as the snake that creeps through the earth, the black in between your teeth will show when you grin, that wicked smile that mesmerizes the weak- they fall into your traps, you lure them into your pot from which you will feast.

you believe you can win, but you are wrong..

you believe you will somehow pull this blanket of deceit over our eyes forever, and take us like the night steals the day,

you are unfertile dirt- from you, nothing is born but wickedness, nothing is made but hurt and pain- you might feed off of your ability now but when this time comes and you are proven, before your very own eyes, that you were the failure from the day you fell.. then:

your smirk will be transformed into sorrow,

you will taste the bitterness that you have forced onto us, your knees will fall weak beneath the weight of the load you have so often handed over to us, your soul will no longer be black but it will be coal- crushed like dead leaves and hard as rock, there won’t be any more emotions left for you to mock.

i despise you, stealer of joy, inventor of tragedy, doctor of deception.. treachery, dishonesty, maker of madness and grief.

you can attack us and battle us and rob us of all good things, but you will never own us, because we belong to the King.

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