i need to do some things

once it’s done, you’ll be alright

you’ll feel free to capture the words and the images that enter your mind,

but then there will be more for you to finish, more for you to fight,

then you will become overwhelmed and in that largeness you will lose your ambition, your determination to find fullness and difference.

there are too many aspects for you to dwell on one thing! too many flaws for you to perfect! too many lies, too many truths, for you to sort it all. too many sad eyes, too many lost hearts for you to feel at peace.

i don’t have to have it all in order, literally speaking it’s alright if my clothes are spread upon my floor,

figuratively speaking it’s alright if i’ve read the first chapter of eight different books, it’s okay if i’ve left a couple windows cracked and a few conversations unfinished, and a dozen letters unprinted, and a hundred problems unsolved, and a family of hardships ignored.

for now though, only for now. just to limit myself from reaching insanity yet again, just to protect myself from this desolate pen.

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