“we are far too easily pleased”

I will not attempt to document my anticipation to live fully, to breathe easily, and act passionately

Because when I take the eagerness that I have at this moment and try to define it, I lose myself in the anxiety.

That being said I will no longer spend my days contemplating what I could do, instead I will put action into these concepts, like with a puppet, my hand will decide which way the arms and legs of my ideas move.

With a greater insight I will escape the selfishness that sets the motives of this world around me; with a simpler recognition of life at its core I will grasp the root of natural and full life

And as the root grows deeper I will follow it, not letting go of it this time, not losing myself in the thick soil that surrounds me.

I can see wholeness in the midst of brokenness, there’s a way fullness can survive here, most of the time we’re just too ignorant to realize it.

Since I have come to the conclusion that satisfaction is out of my reach, since I have realized that complete happiness is not capable of achieving, I will begin to desire more than what this world offers. I will not be “easily pleased”, but I am determined to live out a journey that is led by the only one who can provide in this impoverished universe where those who are thirsty gulp down sand, and those who are hungry chew on gum. I have recognized the mass amount of fabricated theories and that the silence I heard and continue to hear made, and makes, no noise for a reason.

yet looking back on this outline that I have written for myself I am taunted by the nooks and crannies of this life in which nothing seems possible, and all seems meaningless. all i can do is focus on the sun that will always rise in the morning.. “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”- C.S. Lewis

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