1. Shaylah Fawn says:

    I don’t know what i would do without my inspiration wall! it seems like you have some great things on yours! if you don’t have a pinterest already, you should! CHEERS!


  2. lissy tropea says:

    I love having one too, wish it never ran out of room though! what’s a pinterest?


  3. Shaylah Fawn says:

    pinterest is an online inspiration board! i have a blog post about it and a link on it as well! you should really check it out! but it’s pretty addicting!


  4. lissy tropea says:

    wow! i would love to get one but i’m starting to go insane with all of these social networks and online sites, haha. but maybe someday i’ll build up the courage and discipline to get one! by the way, your photography is amazing, i’m into it myself and hope i can soon learn to capture pictures like yours!


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