my heart turned sideways.

steady days,
i don’t want fame.
steady ways,
erode my name.
in this light i become different.
in this room, with this tune
my heart turns sideways.
bent backwards i’m calm now.

although i have witnessed,
the lies beneath myself.
although i have discovered,
this loneliness to be so hollow,
i will not sink down into the diction that intends to swallow.
i recognize admiration i once had, gone sour,
the sweetness melted away when i came to be familiar with the idea that nothing is permanent, no one almighty, never eternal.

as my heart turned sideways,

i became conscious of the intimate comparison of life at it’s best and life bittersweet.

they will taunt me as long as i walk this path, of living in fear of what will come next. yet the corrections made don’t always make me out to be stronger, i begin to wander. only to discover that with my heart turned sideways,

i perceive the incomprehensible,

i notice the unending sorrow,

i’ll respond in the morning, i’ll decide tomorrow.

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