closed door

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my motivation like a closed door,
attempt to open it , only to watch it shut even more.
my inspiration like an endless trail,
attempt to accomplish it as i sit and stare.
my fortitude slowly falling,
attempt to build it back up in hopes not to forget the calling.
pages of lyrics and words unheard,
centuries of straight paths, but mine has a curve.
time is not endless, unless you’re waiting for something,
miles stacked with the same and infinite nothing.
i want to live where the sun comes out,
i don’t mind the rain but i’d love to omit the doubt.
happiness is ambiguous,
inadequacy of the present limits this.
growing tired of this search for a solid tincture,
disinterest in what is required, but i long to paint here.
silence your mind and thoughts,
only to listen to more taunts.

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